In summary the Fourier transform is a very powerful function to transform from time domain to frequency domain representations of a signal. When a signal such as audio is in the frequency domain you can process the signal in interesting ways to create cool visualizations, or even detect specific tones.

This guide only scratches the surface of Fourier transform applications. You might consider more applications such as:
  • Audio filtering, the CMSIS-DSP library actually has built in functions for applying filters to remove and enhance audio frequencies.
  • Building an instrument tuner which detects how far an audio signal is from a reference frequency. Add sound synthesis to even create an auto-tune device!
  • Radar--the Fourier transform and frequency analysis is used extensively in radar systems. Check out this talk on building a radar system at home!
  • Analyzing the frequency of signals from other sensors such as accelerometers, light sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and more.

Can you think of more interesting applications?

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