Spice up your holiday decorations using Adafruit's Feather boards to add interactivity in a tiny package.  Feathers are little Arduino-compatible microcontrollers that give you all the functionality of a full-size Arduino in a much smaller and battery-friendly package.  

You can put a Feather into almost any project, like these festive holiday lights that animate and change color at your command.  The 32u4 Feather combined with a color and proximity sensor lets you change the color of holiday lights by holding up a brightly colored object to them.  The Bluefruit LE Feather lets you change the color of lights using a smartphone or tablet and the Bluefruit LE app.  Your holiday decorations will be full of joy with Adafruit's Feathers!

To build these projects you'll want to be familiar with the basics of Arduino.  Check out these guides for some background information:

You'll also need to do a little bit of soldering to assemble Feather boards.  If you're new to soldering be sure to see the guide to excellent soldering.

Finally for Bluetooth Low Energy it will help to skim these guides for some background information:

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