We suggest using PLA material but your free to use ABS, PET or exotic composites like wood, metals and others. The parts are listed in the tablet below.

Slice Settings

Depending on your 3D printers hardware, you'll need to use your prefered slice settings. The parts are oriented to print "as-is" and doesn't require any support materials (very minimal overhangs).

These are the slice settings we used on our Printrbot Play, sliced using Simplify3D

  • 220C Extruder (on a non-heated bed)
  • 20% Infill
  • 2 shells/parameters 
  • 4 top and bottom layers
  • 1.0 Extrusion multiplier 
  • 0.48 Extrusion width

Customize Design

The enclosure parts are available to modify and download. Click below to download the source. Size it to fit the bed of your 3D printer.

Download STLs

3D print the files "as-is" if they can fit on the bed of your 3D printer (case is 80mm x 80mm x 20mm)


1x enclosure



1x twist top for dual extruders



1x twist top for regular single extruders


But I Don't Have a 3D Printer!

That's totally OK, you can still buy the parts and have them shipped to you! You can use a service like 3D Hubs to 3D print all of the parts for you. Just download all of the STL files from our Thingiverse page and upload them to their website.

Using 3D Hubs App on Thingiverse

The easiest way to do this is to use the "Print" button on the Thingiverse page. Then, click on the Launch App button to automatically load the STL files into 3D Hubs. From there, you can select colors, materials and enter your shipping address. A total price will let you know how much the parts will cost. A list of local hubs will appear and you can select which ever looks good to you. Hubs have different prices, ratings, reviews, and sample photos so you can narrow down your choice.

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