Install Standoffs to Feather

I started by mounting the standoffs to the Feather board. You'll need four M2.5 standoffs (6mm long) and four M2.5 screws (4mm long). Our screw and standoff set includes several standoffs, screws and nuts. 

Feather Standoffs

The standoff should be mounted onto the bottom of the Feather board. Insert and fasten a M2.5 screw onto the top of the Feather board while holding the standoff in place. Fasten tight. Repeat for each mounting hole.

Deck Installation

The standoffs mounted to the Feather can now be installed onto the 3D printed deck. I lined up the screw threads with the holes in the deck and pressed them in.

Install M2.5 Nuts

Now we need to secure the standoffs to the deck. Insert an M2.5 nut into each thread and fasten until tight.

Remove Feather

Before we can mount the trucks to the deck, we'll need to remove the Feather from the standoffs. Currently, the Feather is over the mounting holes for the trucks, so we can't install them without removing the Feather board. Unfasten the four screws from the feather and leave the standoffs mounted to the deck.

Deck Standoffs

I recommend leaving the standoffs a little loose – If they're tighten, it may be difficult to line up the holes with the Feather board. When they're loose, it's much easier because they can be adjusted.

Install Wheels to Trucks

If you haven't already, install the wheels onto the trucks. The trucks I got came with one pair of wheels with accompanying hardware and tool. Fasten until tight.

Install Trucks

Now we can install the trucks onto the deck. I started by fastening the (micro-sized) machine screws into the deck, then place the trucks over the threads. Make sure the orientation is correct – The bushing should be facing inwards. Insert and fasten all four screws while holding the trucks in place.

Installed Trucks

Repeat this process for the second pair of trucks, again making sure the orientation is correct and the screws are fully tightened.

Install Feather

Place the Feather back onto the standoffs and line up the mounting holes. Hold in place while inserting a M2.5 nylon screw from the top.

Secure Feather to Deck

Insert and fasten all four M2.5 nylon screws into the mounting holes while holding the board in place. Fasten until fully tight. 

Fasten Standoffs

Now it's time to fully tighten the hex nuts that are underneath the deck. Hold the hex nut with your fingers while tightening the M2.5 nylon screw. Repeat this process for all four hex nuts.

Make, Modify, Share

Congratulations! You've built your very own Finger Board for an Adafruit Feather. Did you modify it? What are you using it for? Let us know! Tag @adafruit on your favorite social network and use hashtag #adafruit so we can find it! We love sharing project makes from the community on our social channels.

If you have any technical questions, please post them up on our forums, we have a dedicated team of support engineers who are there to help!

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