Step 1: Solder header pins onto the protoboard using a breadboard

Step 2: Take the soldered protoboard and put the female headers onto the pins. Then add and solder the header on to the Feather

Step 3: Attach pins to the holes outlined, use two groups of 3 pins and a single pin
D9 - Yellow: Left door
D5 - Green: Motion sensor
D6 - Orange: Right door

3 Ground pins for door sensors and motion sensor
1 power pin for the motion sensor.

This is what it looks like from the top of the board, you will be soldering the pins in with the board upside down.

Use the breadboard to help solder in the pins. Add an extra strip of pins to keep the board level, make sure not to solder the extra pins. This diagram is reversed to line up with the upside down board

Step 4: Polarity matters make sure the positive side is going to the io pins.
Pins for the buzzer positive pin (+)
D13 and D11 in blue

Pins for the buzzer negative pin (-)
2 of the remaining ground pins in purple

The buzzers take up 4 pin spaces, when you have the wires in place, add the buzzers then solder the wires and buzzers together.

Step 5: Wire up the door sensors and the motion sensor according to this diagram

D9 - Yellow: Left door
D5 - Green: Motion sensor
D6 - Orange: Right door

Measure the distance the board will be from where the contacts will be on the freezer. Give yourself a bit of extra length for slack or adjustment. Cut wires and solder.

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