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Install & Use

You’ll find adafruit_fancyled in the Adafruit CircuitPython Library Bundle, downloadable here if you don’t already have it:

Place the adafruit_fancyled folder in the “lib” folder on your USB-connected CircuitPython device. CircuitPython library installation is covered in more detail in the Welcome to CircuitPython guide.

At the start of your CircuitPython code, import the adafruit_fancyled library…you can “import as” and assign it a shorter name that’s easier to type, such as “fancy”:

import adafruit_fancyled.adafruit_fancyled as fancy

To work with NeoPixel strips on most pins, also import the “board” and “neopixel” libraries:

import board
import neopixel

For the built-in NeoPixels on Circuit Playground Express, import cpx from the library (NeoPixel support is built-in as part of cpx):

from import cpx

There are two example scripts, (for Circuit Playground Express) and (for NeoPixels on any digital pin) that demonstrate the library in use.

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