Install & Use

You’ll find adafruit_fancyled in the Adafruit CircuitPython Library Bundle, downloadable here if you don’t already have it:

Place the adafruit_fancyled folder in the “lib” folder on your USB-connected CircuitPython device. CircuitPython library installation is covered in more detail in the Welcome to CircuitPython guide.

At the start of your CircuitPython code, import the adafruit_fancyled library…you can “import as” and assign it a shorter name that’s easier to type, such as “fancy”:

import adafruit_fancyled.adafruit_fancyled as fancy

To work with NeoPixel strips on most pins, also import the “board” and “neopixel” libraries:

import board
import neopixel

For the built-in NeoPixels on Circuit Playground Express, import cpx from the library (NeoPixel support is built-in as part of cpx):

from import cpx

There are two example scripts, (for Circuit Playground Express) and (for NeoPixels on any digital pin) that demonstrate the library in use.

This guide was first published on Feb 01, 2018. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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