Remapping EZ-Key

The default EZ-Key keys include arrow keys, return, space - these might not work happily with your MIDI software. Its super easy to update the keystrokes, and you can even do it over-the-air. Check the Bluefruit EZ-Key remapping tutorial to remap your keys, we used 'a' thru 'j' for #0 thru #9

Audio Setup

If your already familiar with a midi synth app or daw, then you already know how to setup new MIDI controllers. This does not require any additional setup or configuration to your DAW or synth app. Garageband, Ableton, Logic, Protools, Cubase, FL Studio, etc. it all works great. Any music making app that allows MIDI in/out. This includes DJ programs like Scratch, Traktor, virtual DJ, djay, etc.


Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard or vmpk for short, is a great cross platform app that allows you to turn your keyboard into a MIDI controller. It allows you to map your keyboard characters and make them send MIDI notes or CC's. It should automatically connect to your DAW or synth app. For trouble shooting daw related issues, check the vmpk website for solutions.

Virtual MIDI Mapping

To setup a MIDI map in vmpk, go to File > Keyboard Map. The key map editor has a list of value numbers that correspond to the each MIDI note. The "0" value starts with C1, and so on. You will need to map each desired MIDI note by double clicking the input field next to the values and pressing a key. Hit "enter" key to submit the characters. You can use the arrow keys to change the base octave. You can save out your XML map for safe keeping and switching between maps.

Test, tweak, test some more!

Take your time and map your keys to the midi notes you really want to play. I like saving out my maps and naming them as songs I like to jam to. The maps are saved as XML, so you can hand-code them if you like that. It becomes faster to setup maps this way when you get familiar with the MIDI note number values.

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