This is a non-woven conductive fabric that feels a bit like thick paper or thin craft foam. With an electrical resistance of 20 ohms/square inch, it will heat up when current is applied. It is lightweight, very flexible, and can be easily cut with regular scissors. Perfect for wearables!

For full technical information and specifications, check out the product page. In this guide we'll look at some ways to connect to the fabric, how to control it with code, and some ideas for projects.

Because you will be working with heat and more experimental circuitry, this type of project is best suited for intermediate makers. Before working with this material, you should be comfortable with basic electronics concepts and safety.

The visual examples in this guide use cotton fabric treated with heat-reactive paint on top of the conductive fabric to show heated areas. The conductive heater fabric itself does not change color!


Here are the materials I used for the experiments in this guide:

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