MetroX Classic/Express Kit Users: Have you set up your mounting plate yet?

If you haven't assembled your Metro or Metro Express, Half-Sized Breadboard and Mounting Plate yet, click here for instructions

You'll need an Adafruit Metro or Metro Express. 

If you did not purchase the Metro Experimenter's Kit, you might want to purchase a Half-size Breadboard and the Plastic mounting plate for the breadboard. It holds everything you need to experiment with small circuits nicely and keeps everything organized.


USB Micro Cable


I can't stress it enough. Make sure you have a good USB cable. Naughty USB cables will really ruin your day, like a stone in your shoe. Throw out bad cables and replace them with a good one - they are designed to be disposable!

A HUGE number of people have problems because they pick a 'charge-only' usb cable rather than a 'Data/Sync' cable. Make absolutely sure you have a good quality syncing cable. If you're having issues, you most likely have a charge-only cable.

Power your Metro!

If you have a Metro, these next steps will get you set up with the Arduino environment. If you're not sure what board you have, click here.

Connect your USB Micro cable to the USB Port of the Metro. The On LED should turn a solid green and remain on.

Arduino Bootloader Check.

Next you'll want to check if your Metro is programmed with the Arduino bootloader, which is required for use. 

While plugged into power (make sure the On LED is turned on), quickly press the Reset button. You'll see it quickly flash three times. It happens really fast so don't worry if you can't see all three flashes. 

Download the Arduino Software

This is the free application you'll use to write programs and talk to your Metro. There are instructions below for installation in most operating systems (and browser for Chromebook users running CodeBender!).

Click the button above to go to the official software page ( and you'll see a box that looks like this:

The image above says Arduino 1.8.3, but I see a different version.

Don't worry, the Arduino Software is under constant revisions and the screenshot above is not representative of the latest version. Download the version for your platform.

This guide was first published on Aug 18, 2017. It was last updated on Jun 15, 2024.

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