This is a Metro EXPRESS PROJect. It will NOT work with the regular Metro.

IR Sensor

How it's used: The IR Sensor receives and decodes incoming infrared signals from the Adafruit Mini Remote. 


If you'd like to order an extra IR receiver sensor from the Adafruit shop, click here!

Mini Remote Control

How it's used: The Mini Remote control will send ir signals to the ir sensor connected to the Metro M0 Express.

If you'd like to order an extra Mini Remote Control from the Adafruit Shop, click here!

Mini-USB Cable

Make sure the Mini-USB cable you're using is charge + data and not just charge only.

If you'd like to order a Mini-USB Cable from the Adafruit shop click here

Breadboard Wiring Bundle

How it's used: We are going to connect a power, ground, and data wire to the 3 pins on the IR sensor.


If you'd like to order more wires from the Adafruit shop click here!

Adafruit Metro Express + Breadboard + Mounting Plate 

If you have not assembled this, we have a handy guide!


Need an extra plastic mounting plate, Adafruit Metro Express, or Mini-Breadboard from the Adafruit Shop?

This guide was first published on Aug 18, 2017. It was last updated on Jun 16, 2024.

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