We added in some extra buttons for you in the code provided on the last page:

// These are some extra button codes...not used in the PROJ.
// if you want to create more functions in VLC or any other app, use these!
#define UP_ARROW      0xfda05f
#define DOWN_ARROW    0xfdb04f
#define BUTTON_0      0xfd30cf
#define BUTTON_1      0xfd08f7
#define BUTTON_2      0xfd8877
#define BUTTON_3      0xfd48b7
#define BUTTON_4      0xfd28d7
#define BUTTON_5      0xfda857
#define BUTTON_6      0xfd6897
#define BUTTON_7      0xfd18e7
#define BUTTON_8      0xfd9867
#define BUTTON_9      0xfd58a7

If you'd like to use these for different commands within VLC, or maybe control Netflix or Youtube, check out the Arduino Modifier Keys Documentation. Implement new keys, or modify your pre-existing cases within the SwitchCase to use different keys.

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