Bored of your Music Box? Want to go add onto this circuit? Here's some ideas for you to springboard off of and learn new skills in the process

Music Composer

Write your own melody and become a composer, or adapt an older song to play on the piezo. (tip: Check CIRC06's Make It Better section for more details on the piezo speaker)

Unconventional Enclosures

There are thousands of ways to enclose your electronics projects! Using non-conventional enclosures, such as cigar boxes, are a way to both protect your project and make it look nicer. Try using a different box to hold your music box.  

Hint: What should you change in order to use a new box with a light sensor? Take a look at the code section.

Answer: Re-calibrating the light sensor is required. Change the value of int dark to the new darkness value.


Want to annoy your friends and family with this circuit? Change the code to use a high pitched whine, or make the whine go between pitches like a bee. Make it portable and throw it under a couch. 

Secret Message Box

You need to deliver a secret message to somebody, but writing too permanent. The time-sensitive box is a box to deliver to a friend, classmate, or an international spy containing a secret message on the character lcd.

How it works: Once the box is opened, the timer starts to count down the time remaining on the second line of the LCD while the message is displayed. Once the timer runs out, the character lcd clears the message and you cant show the message again. 

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