Taking Photos

It's a bit tricky to get photos of the MetroPOV in-action. We have a few tricks and tips to help photograph your MetroPOV:

Stability and Shutter Speed: Leave the shutter open (we found 2" to 4" is a good time-frame) or look for long-exposure apps on the app store. Since your camera's sensor/shutter is open, it's important to keep the camera stable. Use a tripod, or leave it on a sturdy desk.

Keep the light down: It's very hard to get good photos of the MetroPOV operating in a bright environment. Wait for night-time or find a dark room (we used a room with all of the lights off when taking photos for this guide). 

GIF'ing your MetroPOV Text

You can make animated GIFS by combining multiple long-exposure pictures together in the photo editor of your choice. We also found success using Pablo, a fantastic light-painting application for iOS and Android. Tinker around with settings (specifically shutter speed and exposure) until you find one that looks great.

Light Painting with MetroPOV

Mistakes while taking photos can often produce beautiful art. Try drawing letters with the MetroPOV and move it around. Ride a skateboard while someone takes a picture of you, spin in a chair. Experiment and try different techniques and ideas!

This guide was first published on Aug 18, 2017. It was last updated on Jun 12, 2017.

This page (Using MetroPOV) was last updated on Jul 11, 2017.

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