Check out the Back-EMF Pulse

Replace the diode with an LED. You'll see it blink each time it "snubs" the coil voltage spike when it turns off.

Controlling a Motor

In CIRC-03 we controlled a motor using a transistor. However if you want to control a larger motor a relay is a good option. To do this, simply remove the red LED and connect the motor in its place. 

Controlling Motor Direction

A bit of a complicated improvement to finish. To control the direction of spin of a DC motor we must be able to reverse the direction of current flow through it. To do this manually we reverse the leads. To do it electrically we require something called an h-bridge. This can be done using a DPDT relay to control the motor's direction, wire up the following circuit. It looks complicated but can be accomplished using only a few extra wires. Give it a try.

Schematic Layout

Breadboard Layout

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