CIRC05 is considerably more complex to wire than other circuits. However, it isn't impossible and just takes some time and patience.

We broke down this into three larger steps, follow all of them in order and you'll be rewarded with a fun LED show!

Chip Orientation

The shift register should be placed such that the half moon circle on it should face the top of the breadboard. 

Step 1: Connect Power/GND

It's easier to see the diagram without the bulk of the wires in the way. Let's first start by connecting all power and ground points on the circuit. Note that we are expanding the power and ground rails by connecting the left rails to the right rails. This is for ease of access and to keep everything tidy. 

We are also going to plug in our resistors. Resistors plug into the cathode (shorter end) of the LED, and then into ground.

Step 2: Connect Data Pins to the Metro

Pins 2, 3, and 4 on the metro correspond to the Data (pin 14), Latch (pin 12), and Clock (pin 11) on the shift register. 

Step 3: Connect the LEDs

Next up is connecting the LEDs to the shift register. We have a handy pinout below to help you, along with the final diagram.



Once you complete the LED wiring, double check all your wiring against the final diagram. After that, move onto the Code section. 

Breadboard Layout Sheet

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