The wiring for CIRC04 is much simpler than the last two circuits you made.

  1. Connect the 5V pin on the Metro to the power rail on the breadboard.
  2. Connect the GND pin on the Metro to the ground rail on the breadboard.
  3. Connect the female end of the servo to the 3-Pin header.
  4. Plug the 3-Pin header into any row on the breadboard.
  5. Connect the ground rail to the brown servo wire.
  6. Connect the power rail to the red servo wire. 
  7. Connect Metro Pin 9 to the orange servo wire (signal). 

 If you're having trouble, check the "Connection details" below for wiring help.

Connection details:



Ground Rail

Black/Brown (Ground)

Power Rail

Red (+5V)

Metro Pin 9

Orange (Signal)

Breadboard Layout Sheet

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