Breadboard Layout


  1. First, connect the 8 Green LEDs to the breadboard. It's useful to space them one hole apart as shown in the layout picture. 
  2. Next, starting with the green LED at the bottom, connect the longer side of the green LED to a digital pin on the metro. Start with Pin 2 and work your way up until Pin 9.  (tip: use different color wires to color-code your LEDs)
  3. Then, connect the 8 (560ohm) resistors to the shorter side of the LED.
  4. The Metro is capable of supplying 5V to your breadboard. Use a red wire to connect the 5V Pin on the Metro to the left power rail of the breadboard. Connect the GND Pin of the Metro to the rightmost part of the power rail.
  5. Your completed circuit should be identical to the layout above. Make sure to verify all connections before moving on. 

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