This guide explained some basic Markdown, and linked to an excellent guide from GitHub with more details. Whether you've picked up enough Markdown from these resources, or you were already familiar with Markdown, you may want to simply generate your own content. This does not limit you to adding further features to your profile. You can always begin with your own Markdown content and include some of the enhancements discussed later in this guide.

If you found this page first, and you're not sure where to begin technically speaking, you're best off starting at the beginning of the guide. If you're not sure where to start content-wise, check out the Profile Content page in this guide.

Now... Start. Your. Profile!

Composing Your Own Profile Content

The first step is editing your README, entering the file editor, and deleting the existing content.

Many profiles begin with a name and a brief introduction. This can include either a personal or a professional introduction (or both!). This doesn't mean you have to follow along with the crowd. You can make it wacky and fun! The important part is that the final product represents you in a way with which you're satisfied.

The following shows the beginning of example profile content including a header image, a number of links, and divided into multiple sections.

Once you get some idea what you want to include, and how you want to format it, you can add to your README file. Throughout the process, remember to commit your changes. It's best to save your changes regularly, so there's no chance of you losing your work!

The example shown above looks pretty lengthy; there's more content beyond the screenshot. However, remember that all of the links will render as hyperlinked inline text. Below is the preview of the content in the screenshot above. (Font size is directly related to the zoom level you have on GitHub, and cannot be otherwise specified. Basically, if you want smaller font, zoom out on GitHub in your browser.)

Once you're happy with your text content, you can choose to stop there, or to continue on to adding a few enhancements to your profile. It's completely up to you!

This guide was first published on Jul 06, 2022. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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