As you may recall, when you created your README, it came with some extra content that didn't show up in the preview or when you committed your changes. Why is that?

The rest of the Markdown in the GitHub-generated README is what is referred to in programming as "commented out". Commenting something out means you can include content in your file, such as a note or comment, and have it be ignored when the file is rendered.

When you generate your personal repo and include a README, it comes populated with a short list of prompts to get you started. GitHub provides a starting point for profile content commented out to allow you to choose to add it to your profile or not.

The simplest of profiles can be created with very little effort on your part. Simply fill in the prompts provided in the README, and you'll have a basic introduction of yourself ready to go.

Using the Provided Content

To utilise the GitHub-provided prompts, you're going to "uncomment" the rest of the content in the file. To do this, you will delete the content on two lines. The line numbers are assuming you added your brief intro in the previous section of this guide. Remove the <!-- on line 4, and the --> on line 17. Your file content should now look like the following.

The line numbers listed here assume you still have the update from the Edit your README section included in your README file. If you did not follow along with that section, the line numbers may be different.

Now click the Preview tab to see what your changes look like.

Excellent! The extra Markdown in the file is no longer commented out, so it shows up in the preview.

Click back over to the editor. The text on lines 5 and 7 are clearly meant to be info for you, and not meant to be included in the profile. Go ahead and delete those lines. Your file should look like the following.

Now, simply fill in the prompts you would like to include in your profile. If there are any you'd rather not include, simply delete them.

Once completed, your file should look something like the following.

Click Preview to see what it will look like.

Finally, commit your changes. Your new profile is now ready to go! You're always welcome to add more, but this is a great start.

This guide was first published on Jul 06, 2022. It was last updated on Jun 24, 2022.

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