• Neopixel IN Strand 1 --> Circuit Playground 6
  • Neopixel IN Strand 2 --> Circuit Playground 9
  • Neopixel IN Strand 3 --> Circuit Playground 12
  • Capacitive Touch Button --> Circuit Playground 10

Power will run from the power supply, through the screw terminal and the diode, then into the neopixel strips, and into the Circuit Playground's VBATT and GND pads.

We've added a diode near the power supply to protect our pixels from excessive voltage.  A lot of inexpensive power supplies aren't super accurate: they're labeled as 5v and they give off 5v-ish, and it's sometimes closer to 5.5 or 6.  

These neopixel strands can be pretty finicky, and they really don't like more than 5v.  Adding a diode between the power supply and the LED strand will compensate by dropping the voltage just enough, so we get around 4.5-5.7 volts.

Alternatively, you can use a switching power supply with a 3 or 4.5 volt option, or one that's rated for 4.5 volts or lower.  Just be sure you don't switch the supply up to 6 or 12 volts, or you could fry your controller and pixels!

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