Wireless is wonderful, but sometimes you want the strong reliability of a wired connection. If your project is going to be part of a permanent installation, you'll want to add ethernet networking to your project. 

Ethernet is incredibly easy to use - there's no network configuration or device pairing. Just plug a standard Ethernet cable into an Ethernet FeatherWing or Ethernet Shield and use the CircuitPython Wiznet5k library for quick and reliable, networking.

We've built a module for CircuitPython compatible with WIZnet 5k-series TCP/IP Ethernet controllers to quickly get your projects online. Seconds after connecting, the module will handle performing the DHCP setup for you. You may also supply this module with a statically-assigned network configuration.

In this guide, you will set up your CircuitPython hardware and connect to the internet. We've included code walkthrough portions of this guide, so you can roll your own Ethernet-connected IoT CircuitPython project. 

Note: SSL/TLS connections are not supported by the Wiznet5k library at this time. You will only be able to make insecure requests to web servers with this library. ESP32 WiFi-based solutions have integrated TLS so please use that if you need TLS connectivity!


The Ethernet FeatherWing is plug-and-play compatible with CircuitPython boards which use the Feather pinout, such as the Adafruit Feather M4 Express

The Ethernet Shield is compatible with development boards which use the pinout such as the Adafruit Metro M4 and the Adafruit Grand Central M4 Express. The shield includes a RJ45 Ethernet port and a microSD card holder for storing and reading data.

1 x Ethernet Cable, 5ft
Ethernet Cable - 5 ft long
1 x Ethernet Cable, 10ft
Ethernet Cable - 10 ft long
1 x PoE Splitter with MicroUSB Plug
PoE Splitter with MicroUSB Plug - Isolated 12W - 5V 2.4 Amp
1 x Passive PoE Injector Cable Set
Passive PoE Injector Cable Set

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