This project works with these Adafruit Feather boards: ESP32-S2 TFT, ESP32-S2 Reverse TFT, ESP32-S3 TFT, and ESP32-S3 ReverseTFT.

Here, we'll build a digital world clock using an Adafruit Feather with an on-board dipslay. You can use the ESP32-S2 Reverse TFT, ESP32-S3 Reverse TFT, ESP32-S2 TFT, or the ESP32-S3 TFT. You fetch time data from the WorldTimeAPI. But, to add some fun to our project, we'll also bring in some gaming nostalgia. We'll be integrating two different background images of the Street Fighter 6 character, Blanka-chan, to create an animated display of Blanka-chan using an electrical attack.

This is a perfect beginner project if you love IoT and video games or want to learn something new and fun!

Use PyLeap

You can quickly transfer this project to your Feather ESP32-S2 or ESP32-S3 board via a WiFi connection using the PyLeap app.

PyLeap is a free iOS, iPad, and Android app. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Choose your board from the drop-down. Here, the ESP32-S2 Reverse TFT is chosen.


Video of a rectangular microcontroller with a TFT display. A pink manicured finger presses each of the tactile buttons, which are recognized on the TFT display.
Like Missy Elliot, we like to "put our [Feather] down, flip it and reverse it" and that's exactly what...
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