Disconnect the Battery from the ESP32-S3 TFT before beginning

Before starting to pack the electronics into the glove, it is important to disconnect the battery from the ESP32-S3 TFT.

This is because the needle used to sew the ESP32-S3 TFT over the opening in the glove may hit the electronics, and it would not be safe to do so while the board is powered on.

Make a small incision in the wrist area of your boxing glove with an X-acto knife or pair of scissors. It should be 1 inch wide.

Prepare the Components


Once the battery is disconnected, you will want to pack the battery to the left and the accelerometer on the right into the incision you've made in the wrist area of the glove. 

Check the diagram below for placement.

Make sure to add padding behind both electronics to secure them in place.

Also, leave some battery wire along with the connected JST sticking out of the opening for easy reconnection later.

Secure the Electronics


Now it's time to secure the electronics in place. With a needle and thread, sew the ESP32-S3 TFT over the opening, ensuring that the TFT covers the entire opening and that the edges are securely sewn to the glove. 

This will keep the electronics in place and prevent them from shifting or coming loose during use. When your board is secure, plug the battery into the ESP32-S3 TFT. 

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