For the 3d printed base version, I added a strip of copper tape around the base of my torch to act as my capacitive touch plate. I started at the back and wrapped the tape carefully all the way around the base. Then I placed the bare wire from pin A3 on top of the tape and added another layer, smoothing it down as much as possible.

The tape will carry a signal from your fingertip to the Circuit Playground, through the magic of capacitive touch. Cool!

Nestle the Circuit Playground inside the cutout in the base, being careful with the tiny copper wires. Plug in your USB cable or battery and nestle the torch into place.

For my final Viking Dragon Sconce version, I added the copper tape to the platform on the sconce instead of the torch itself. I used a dremel to rout out a space in the wooden platform to nestle the Circuit Playground Express into so that the torch sits flat on the platform. Then, I drilled a hole in the back of the sconce to run my USB cable through into the wall, and pulled it back out again near my power outlet.

The wooden sconce is made from a pre-cut plaque and pine board I found at Michael's. I stained it, and screwed together from the back with wood screws. 

The dragon is sculpted from air-dry clay over crumpled aluminum foil, and painted with acrylic paints and then rubbed with a blue iridescent pigment to give that metallic gunmetal sheen. 

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