This 3d printable base will fit a 3" x 3" torch, with space underneath for the Circuit Playground Express and a channel for a USB cable or battery cable.

I printed with 15% infill in PLA. 

This is a large enough piece that my first print curled up at the edges, so be sure you have a nice warm heated bed and a good strong layer of glue stick if you're printing on glass. For my second print, I also printed a raft to help with bed adhesion.

If you're printing in ABS, a fresh layer of blue painter's tape will help the edges stay stuck down firmly to the bed.

If your torch is a different size you'll want to modify the base so it fits your dimensions. It's fun and easy to edit 3d designs in TinkerCad. 

TinkerCad is a free online 3d modeling program that's designed to be simple and intuitive for beginners to 3d modeling. Models are made in a very organic way, by dragging shapes onto the workspace and squishing them together. They have a great Lessons section that teaches users to jump right in and get started with 3d modeling.

If your torch is larger than 3" across, you can simply scale the whole base up until it's the right size.

If your torch is smaller, you'll need to ungroup the pieces and shrink down just the square section. If you make the whole design smaller, the Circuit Playground will no longer fit in its hole and the USB cable may not fit through its channel.

Torches in 3d printed bases

This guide was first published on Aug 26, 2020. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

This page (3d Printed Base) was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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