The quotes come from the Adafruit web site using the HUZZAH32's WiFi connection.  These are the same quotes that appear at the bottom of the packing list you receive when you order an item from Adafruit. There is a different quote each time a quote is requested, and new quotes may be added in the future without any changes needed to the sketch.

The sketch receives the quote and its author in JSON format using an Adafruit API. The JSON format is a standard method for formatting data when transmitting structured data between two points.

Once the data arrives, it is up to the sketch to format the quote and author on the ePaper device. This includes word wrapping the quote into multiple lines. This can get tricky with smaller ePaper devices, which can run out of room for longer quotes. The Quote Display will reduce the font size and space between the lines to help make the quote fit on the display. This quote fitting works for different size displays, including the monochrome and the tri-color ePaper FeatherWings, which are different sizes by a few thousand pixels.

Once the ePaper display is updated with the new quote and author, the device powers down the FeatherWing and puts the HUZZAH32 in a deep sleep. An interval is specified to indicate when to wake up the HUZZAH32 the next time to update its display. Even in this low power mode, the ePaper display continues to show the quote, making it a very battery friendly display.

The Quote Display will attempt to print long quotes by reducing the font size and the spacing between lines if needed

Going Further

What new project will you work on next? Perhaps the ePaper quote display will inspire you or spark your imagination for your next project (after this one of course!).

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