Keeping the resin tank clean is important. As prints fail, material builds up and floats around the tray. These can be difficult to spot, so we can use a hair comb to filter out any pieces left behind. Use tweezers to fetch out any bigger pieces. 

Carefully swipe around the edges of the resin tray window and remove any build up. 

If theres a lot of bits and pieces, use a fine mesh strainer to quickly filter out smaller debris into the second tray. The build head is easy to clean after each print, just wipe off any remains.


We’ll need to relevel the build head before starting a new job - mainly because it misaligns after removal. So we can loosen a the build plate and move it up, and then we'll tighten up the screw.

Then we’ll initiate the leveling procedure - It’ll start homing the build head down until it reaches the resin tank window. 

From here we can loosen the build head - let it drop down and push on all four corners to lay it flat. Once its all straight and level, we can tighten it back up and complete the process.

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