Stitch a hair clip to the center band facing down-- the inverter will sit directly atop it. Use a little E6000 or hot glue here if you prefer not to rely on stitches alone.

The bigger bow needs a little more support: stitch it to a fabric-covered headband.
Clip around a small section of hair and then style as desired. We found this bow to stay put fabulously for hours.

The headband with larger bow may need some bobby pins to stay in place, depending on your headband and hair style, and will still then probably be slightly precarious. If you need stability, go with the smaller style bow.
This project would be suitable for a men's bowtie as well, consider our yet-smaller coincell EL inverter!
Don't submerge your hair bow in water! Spot clean if necessary, and take it off if you get caught in the rain.

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