For a hairclip-sized bow, grab a piece of wide velvet ribbon and follow our other hair bow tutorial to make folds in the ribbon. Fold over the raw end and cinch the center of the bow.

Stitch through all layers of ribbon and knot/cut your thread.

Use a smaller piece of ribbon or just another piece of the same ribbon, folded over itself to be thinner, to wrap the center of the bow.

At the back, place the small 1xAAA inverter and wrap the ribbon tightly to hold the inverter in place (but not so tightly that you can't slide it out to change the battery). Fold over the raw edge and stitch the center band ribbon in place with a whip stitch.
For a costume-sized hairbow, continue with the instructions below. It's also easier to show the project to you at a larger scale, so if the quickstart step above isn't detailed enough for you, read on for more in-depth instruction and tips for a scaled-up project.
Hem the long edges of a piece of woven fabric measuring ~13"x56". Fold in half with right sides together and stitch the seam.

Turn right side out and lay your new loop flat on the table/ironing board with the new seam positioned in the center.
Fold a hem along the edges of a smaller piece of fabric in proportion to the larger bow body as shown. Stitching this hem is optional and could help slippery fabrics to stay in place.
You'll cinch and wrap the center of the bow, but to give it more body at the center, insert a small block of something lightweight but firm like styrofoam.

Arrange the fabric around the foam and use a needle and thread to stitch through all layers of fabric and foam. Tie off and cut the thread.
Wrap the cinched center with the smaller piece of fabric, and fold the ends to the inside at the back of the bow. Stitch in place using your favorite way-- we used a whip stitch.
Depending on your fabric, you may wish to apply fabric stiffener to the bow.

Use your hands and/or a paintbrush and allow to dry overnight.
Lightweight, sturdy, ready for EL wire!

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