Thread a needle with invisible thread (very thin plastic filament)-- find it in the quilting section of the fabric/craft store. Tie both ends together several times to make a sizable knot-- otherwise it might pull through the fabric. Securing both tails makes it easier to keep track of the thread and prevent accidental unthreading, as the thread is hard to see!
Starting at center back and following the diagram below (click to enlarge), use a whip stitch to loop around the EL wire and secure it to the fabric of the bow along the edges.
To go around corners, make a sharp bend in the EL wire with your fingers or a pair of pliers.

When your thread gets short, tie it around the previous stitch and cut off the tail, then thread a new piece of thread and continue, hiding the knot where possible.

This bow has two spots where the EL wire overlaps (the top and bottom of the center band), it's ok to stitch it to itself.

Cut off the excess with a pair of snips, leaving a small tail to tuck behind the center band.
Plug in your inverter and test to see it working! Then turn if off, disconnect and get ready to attach the inverter to the bow.

The big costume bow needs the 2xAA inverter, but the smaller bow can be powered by our smaller 1xAAA inverter for less bulk on your noggin.

Remember not to leave your inverter running when there's no EL wire connected to it, or it could be damaged!
Route the wires behind the fabric of the center band, and apply a piece of velcro tape to the back of the bow and inverter.
You can sew the inverter for the smaller bow directly into the center band during construction.

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