This step will show how to upload the custom patterns to the knitting machine memory from your computer. This is just for the 'custom' patterns, it wont overwrite the 'built in' patterns that are shown in the manual (those are built into the "ROM").

Start up the disk drive emulator in the command line.

When "ready" lamp is lit, reset the machine's memory by pressing CE key, then type in 888, then press STEP key. This deletes all stored patterns, so be sure to back up first if you have patterns on the machine you want to save! (The patterns included with the machine are stored on non-rewritable chips and can never be deleted through this method).

Clear display with CE key, then prepare to load new data into memory by typing 551, then STEP.

Display should go blank, then "ready" and "pattern no" lamps should illuminate.
Press 1 to indicate which "track" to load from the disk drive emulator, then press STEP.
Machine will beep when finished. Pick a pattern and knit as normal, according to the machine manual for knitting a pattern from memory.

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