Box Parts


Download, print and cut out the design temples for all of the button and box parts. You can use thick card stock, but we recommend use medium weight chipboard (30pt). Cut the outlines with scissors, laser cutter or a simple vinyl cutter.


Score Fold Lines


You can assign the included score fold lines to the dashed lines on the template. Cutting machines can use a score tool while cutting out the design, but we'll need to add a slight cut to the score lines. This will help keep the wall more ridged when assembling our components.

Remove slots


We'll need to clean up the slot areas with a sharp hobby knife.


Use flush cutters to remove any hanging pieces. Don't tear them off as they will take a whole layer of cardboard with it!





We used a ruler with a grippy bottom and a hobby knife to add a slight cut to the score lines. This helps to keep the walls ridged when assembling.





Apply pressure to create a straight clean fold on each fold line. Make sure the fold is clean or the part will unfold itself.


Connect Tab


Fold the middle tab into the slot opening to complete the stem part assembly!



Add clean folds to each vertical line on the part.


Use a flat tool like a spudger to fold the spring sections in a zig zag pattern as shown in the pictures. 


Don't fold any of the larger tabs. The two ends will connect to form the spring holder for the stem.

Steam and Spring


Insert the the stem part into the center part of the spring part with all of the small tabs pointing in the same direction as shown. 

Button Top Cover


Carefully add clean straight folds to the score lines.


This section is really close to the parts framing, so be careful not to bend outside of the score lines.

Button Cover


Carefully fold the score lines, these are close to the edges as well. 


The small tabs all press fit into each slot around the part. Gently press the tabs at an angle to prevent the slots from tearing.

Top Cover Insert


Take the stem and spring assembly and fit the top button cover from the spring side. Careful not to bend the spring tabs.


Bottom Cover Insert


Insert the bottom cover from the opposite side of the springs. Gently fit each corner at an angle to tightly fit over the stem and spring assembly. 




Press fit the small tabs  on the bottom cover part into the top cover slots. Insert at an angle to prevent the slots from tearing.

Spring Connect


With the top and bottom button cover attached we can complete the assembly by connecting the small tabs on the spring into the slots on the stem.


Button Cover Connect


Next we'll press fit the small tabs on the stem into the four slots on the button cover. 


Spring Test


Finally, we can test the springiness of our button! 


Box Fold


The box requires the same slight cut on the score lines. Use a ruler to help cut the long sections of the folds. Use a spudger to really help add sharp folds. If the box doesn't stay ridged, make sure all of the score folds have had enough pressure applied to each score line. 

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