Stitch up the glowing names of your loved ones this Xmas with this super easy beginner EL wire project. Build a bunch as a family activity!

To get started you will need:

Starting with the black plug end, start shaping your desired name out of EL wire. It can be helpful to draw your letter forms on a piece of paper for reference. When you get to the end of the name, just trim off the excess EL wire.

Using clear thread or threat that matches your stocking/EL wire, tack the name to the front top of the stocking. Your stitches don't have to be perfectly or evenly placed, they just have to hold your EL wire snugly. Create knots inside the top flap to hide them.

Depending on where your first letter begins, you may tuck the EL's plug under the front flap, or pierce a hole through both layers to the inside of the stocking.

Just make sure your EL plugs in inside the stocking, where your inverter will live. Plug it in and test it out!

If you want to use multiple colors or discreet shapes, you can use a splitter inside the stocking to connect to the inverter. If you go over 2.5 meters of EL wire, you'll need to upgrade from the 2xAA inverter to the 4xAAA inverter or wall-plugging type.

Hang your stocking with festive cheer! These will certainly catch Santa's eye for filling with presents and light up your mantle this Xmas season.

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