Cut two small pieces of Velcro tape and stick the hook side to your inverter. Pair up the loop side and remove its protective backing, then stick the inverter to your helmet. Separate the Velcro and press the loop side firmly to the helmet.
Plug in your first piece of EL wire to the inverter and begin running it along the wire, bending it to match the shape of the wire frame. Use twist ties or small bits of hookup wire to hold the EL wire in place temporarily.
Wrap clear thread to join both wires, all along the distance it travels. This isn't a permanent connection as it's bound to snag on something eventually, but helps clamp the EL wire in place for gluing later. This process is the most time consuming part of this project, and is perfect for group crafting or a project to do while watching a movie.
Use heat shrink tubing to mask parts of EL wire you don't want to glow, such as when jumping from one part of the design to another.

If your design absolutely necessitates that you cut and solder the EL wire, refer to our EL wire guide.

We found it helpful to prop the helmet up on a cone of yarn while working.
Above is one strand of green EL wire. You can create elements of your design from different color EL wire, and even use more than one inverter if you want parts of the design to blink.
Keep track of how much EL wire you're using and make sure you don't exceed the specs of your inverter. If your design is very elaborate you might need to add an additional inverter.
See the triceratops face and front horn in blue?

Our 4xAAAA inverter can power three-four meters of EL wire for up to 7 hours.
Apply E6000 glue to join the EL with the regular wire every few inches. Allow to dry completely, about 24 hours.

Use masking or gaff tape to cover any pointy bits of wire-- you don't want to poke anyone's eye out with your mask, especially your own!

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