Layout wire


First we'll use safety pins to layout our EL wire across a fitted jacket. Make sure to choose a jacket with front pockets. We'll use the pockets to store the battery and inverter.


Loop the EL wire 


Start with the EL wire connector close to the pocket as shown in the picture. Form an equal "T" shape so its as long as the piece of EL wire.




Next on to the legs. We'll bend the EL wire into an upside down "Y" shape. Start with the female connector at the top center and loop the wire to outline both legs as shown in the Circuit Diagram page. 

Sew Wire


Once we finish making any adjustments to the layout, we can start stitching the EL wire.


We used a whip stitch to hold the EL wire to the jacket. We recommend using clear nylon to avoid blocking the wire. 



Battery pocket


Position the Inverter inside the pocket. We'll create a small hole on the inside part of the pocket and use it to pass the male connectors to our Inverter.  


Place the Inverter inside the pocket to so there is enough room for the 9v 3D Printed Battery Holder.  Place the battery holder inside the pocket. Note the placement of the two sewing tabs on the sides of the battery holder.


Sew Battery Pocket


Make sure theres enough room for both the battery and inverter to lay comfortability. Now we'll go ahead and sew both tabs to the inside of the pocket. 

Solder Connections


The sounder Inverters will require us to solder on our 9v battery clip.


We'll use a third helping hand to help hold the wires while we remove the barrel jack on the 9v Clip.


To protect the connections, we'll need to add two small pieces of heat shrink to each wire and then strip, tin and solder each connection.

Arrange in pocket


Next, we'll move on to mounting our battery into its pocket holder.


Position the battery so the battery clip inserts into the holder first, with the wires positioned against the battery as shown in the picture.


Arrange the parts in the pocket so they rest flat against your waist while wearing. 

Connect pants


Next we'll connect the Elm wire on the pants to the Inverter. We can connect our EL wires to any two of the four JST SM connectors.


Any excess El wire can easily hide inside the pocket. 

Face Mask


And finally to finish off our costume, we cut out a skull shape out of felt. We then cut the shape shape out of glow in the dark vinyl. You can glue it to the felt or use heat press material to attach it to the felt.  


To wear, measure a piece of elastic band around your head and then sew or glue the ends to the mask!

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