Light up the night with your own EL Bowtie. Using a simple 3D printed model, EL wire and some fishing line, you can add flash to any attire. No collars required.

This project is easy, replicable, and fun.

Parts You'll Need:

  • EL Wire - any color, as long as it's solid (not stranded!)
  • EL Wire Coin Cell Mini Inverter
  • CR2032 Battery (the rechargeable one is great for this)
  • Monofilament Fishing Line (I used 10lb. test): Amazon
  • Metal scriber: Amazon
  • Croakies: Amazon
  • E6000: Amazon
  • 3D Printer, and filament.
  • Cloth adhesive (I used hot melt/glue gun)

Trick You'll Learn

How to apply a thin bead of E6000 using spare parts bags.

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