E-Ink/E-Paper Display

Make a custom name tag with Adafruit's 2.13in tri-color e-Ink FeatherWing! The 2.13in e-paper display features red, black and white. 3D print a stand and display it on your desk. Load crispy clear tricolored bitmap images easily using CircuitPython or Arduino! 

3D Printed Stand

Designed to house the Adafruit 2.13in e-ink/e-Paper FeatherWing, this stand is 3D printed without any support material. Use M2.5 standoffs and fasteners to secure the FeatherWing to the 3D printed stand. Download the CAD source files to print or modify the design.


Start by inserting four M2.5 x 6mm standoffs into the mounting holes in the 3D printed stand. Use four hex nuts to secure the standoffs. Place the FeatherWing on top of the standoffs and line up the holes. Insert and fasten four M2.5 screws into the mounting tabs on the FeatherWing.

CircuitPython Setup

Display bitmap images and text on the 2.13in eInk/epaper display FeatherWing using CircuitPython libraries and example code. Download the UF2 file for your hardware.

Prerequisite Guides

If you're new to Adafruit Feather, CircuitPython or soldering, take a moment to walk through the following guides to get you started.

Displaying  Bitmaps

Bitmap images (.BMP) can be loaded from either an SD card or the internal flash. Images must be 24-bit, 212px x 104px. 

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