Now we'll connect all those enclosure-mounted component wires to the 2-XL's new brain.  Two wires will be soldered to the Wave Shield, the rest will be soldered directly to the Proto Shield.

Audio Output from Wave Shield

Solder the speaker wires to the Wave Shield's audio output pads located near it's 3.5mm output jack.  Wire the positive connection to the pad next to the electrolytic capacitor and the negative connection to the pad near the edge of the board (see reference above).

Audio Input to Proto Shield Preamp

Solder the positive/signal connection from the 3.5mm input jack to the positive lead of leftmost 100µF capacitor on the Proto Shield (see diagram).  Solder the ground connection from the audio input jack to an available ground pad on the Proto Shield.

Button Connections

Solder the ground bus from the pushbutton assembly to an available ground pad on the Proto Shield. Solder each button wire to its corresponding pin pad on the Proto Shield:

  • Button 1 to pin 8
  • Button 2 to pin 9
  • Button 3 to pin A2
  • Button 4 to pin A5

LED Connections

Solder the power LED's positive wire to the 5V pad on the Proto Shield.  Solder the power LED's ground wire to the 150Ω resistor.

Solder the positive wire from the eye LEDs to the Analog 1 pad.  Solder the eye LEDs' ground wire to the 56Ω resistor.

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