Assemble the shields by mounting the Wave Shield on the Metro, and the Proto Shield on top of the Wave Shield.

Use double sided foam tape or adhesive velcro to mount the Metro stack in the base of the 2-XL enclosure.

Close it all up

Carefully close the body back up while making sure not to pinch any wires in the process.  Screw the enclosure together using the screws we removed earlier and make sure everything feels secure.

Mount the Echo

Use adhesive velcro tape to mount the Echo Dot on the upper back of the 2-XL.  The tape I had didn't stick well the Echo Dot's rubberized base, so I peeled the rubber layer off and applied it directly to the exposed plastic beneath.

Connect the Echo's power supply and use the 3.5mm audio cable to connect Echo's audio out to 2-XL's input jack.

Use It

Connect 2-XL's power supply and power him up by turning the volume pot. On startup, the power LED should light up and a voice sample should play with synchronized eye LEDs. Use the Echo as you would normally - the weather, your shopping list, and even the news will take on a more chipper, robotic persona :)

This guide was first published on Aug 31, 2017. It was last updated on Mar 08, 2024.

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