Your installation setup will depend on your room. It's easiest to place it on top of a wall or in an alcove so it points up at the ceiling, above eye level, to shine the most light around the room. Indirect light looks the best, so coming up with a creative solution to point the light away from you, at a white or light-colored wall, will give you the best results.

We put ours above a doorway arch between rooms, and now we have beautiful colored light modes in both our bedroom and master bath.

If you're installing someplace that's hard to reach, pull power from a switched outlet in your room. This way you can still control on/off with a normal light switch, and if your Circuit Playground ever needs to be rebooted (which will happen from time to time) you can reboot it just by turning the light switch off and on.

We installed a fancy light switch that has a USB port included on the switch plate. Then we took an old outdated iPhone and mounted it on the wall, plugged in to power with the USB port. This old iPhone is now our dedicated room controller - we can leave the iPhone "on" all the time and it becomes our fancy light switch and Bluetooth music controller. DIY Home Automation FTW!

We also tried putting these lights in an RV and found plenty of easy-to-reach ledges where indirect lighting worked like a dream! Trick out your camper, and impress your neighbors at the rally with your own custom lighting modes.

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