Check out the video at the beginning of the guide for a full walk-through. Here are the steps you'll follow:

Prepare the Egg Shell

  1. Make a tiny pin-sized hole in the top of the egg. It's easier to do this if the egg is sitting inside your dixie cup.
  2. Turn the egg over and make a larger hole at the bottom of the egg. This hole should be a little bigger than the size of the NeoPixel dot.
  3. Blow the egg out through the pin hole.
  4. Decorate your egg however you like!

Don't worry if you break it -- sometimes the broken eggs are the most beautiful.  There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. 

Make the Base

  1. Cut a circular hole in the bottom of the Dixie cup
  2. Cut around the cup about 3/4 inch from the bottom, so your stand is short enough that the light will reach inside the egg
  3. Cut out slots in both sides for the wire to feed through
  4. Place the base over the light, and the egg on top of the base so the hole aligns with the LED, and watch your egg glow.

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