Ear Phone Grip

Protect your phone with an Ear case. This phone case is designed to resemble human skin with a grip that resembles an Ear!

The flesh-inspired case not only protects your smartphone—it also lets you have a better grip by attaching the ear to a PopSocket!

Color Match Skin

Use flexible filament made for prosthetics to match skin tones, if you wish.

Editable Phone case

Edit the phone case to fit any phone model. 3D scan an ear or search for an existing scan to modify. Compatible with any PopSocket, the grip securely attaches to the flexible filament.


Multiple view angles 


The ear shape allows the phone to sit any different angles by simply rotating the ear to get the best view while watching videos.


Spool of NinjaFlex Filament for 3D Printers - almond-peach smoothie color with 1.75mm Diameter.
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Ear Phone Case

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