Before we continue, its good to check the package and layout. I find its best to go with whatever the datasheet suggests. If you scroll down usually at the end are package/layout diagrams like this one
In the device layout editor, change over to millimeters since you can see this diagram has DIMENSIONS: MILLIMETERS in the bottom right corner. I find 0.1mm is a good choice for gridding so you can get a feel for the dimensions but its not necessary
To make it easier to select the red SMD pads, hide tDocu and tPlace (this doesn't disable or delete them, just hides them)
Next we can select the pads. This will give us the size and center location of each pad. I selected the first pad to the left of the center line. As you can tell from the Position line, these pads are on a 0.65mm pitch and are spaced 2.925mm apart. From the Smd Size line, these pads are 0.35 by 0.9mm
Lets look again at the suggested layout
Looks like what we want are pads that are 0.36 by 1.26 and have 0.65mm pitch. So the pitch is right. Lets also check the spacing of the pads. Annoyingly enough, the diagram does not indicate the middle-to-middle spacing. We'll have to do a bit of math...
OK so 2.9mm apart as well. Lets edit that pad to change the center location and SMD size to match:
Repeat for all other pads, changing the size and the spacing but not the pitch. If you want to change a bunch of pads at once, you can use the change smd command
Anyways, once done, lets save and rename this package since its been modified. I used the command line but you can also use the Rename menu command
Finally, edit the description at the bottom by clicking on the blue Description link to open up the mini window

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