Export STLs

Once your design is ready for 3D printing, you'll need to export your objects in separate files. Here are some things to consider when exporting.

  • Objects must be manifold. No holes or flipped normals.
  • Parts should be exported in their original orientations.

Slicing STLs

In our dual extrusion projects we used Simplify3D to slice the parts. This slicing software features a Dual Extrusion Wizard which makes the process easier. Check our their guide on how to customize extruder choices in order to use another extruder to print support structures, rafts, infill, and more.

Tips for slicing

  • Check toolpath using feature type to preview individual layers and intersections.
  • The right nozzle is referred to as Tool 0 (or color 1) and the left is Tool 1 (color 2).
  • Always double check which filaments are loaded in the desired extruder.
  • Throughly check first layer and live level if necessary.
  • Babysit first few layers and periodically check for jams, clogs and z-shifting.

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