What is Dual Extrusion?

Dual extrusion is the process of 3D printing with multiple filaments. You can mix colors or different materials with a print head that has two extruders and nozzles. With two spools loaded, the printer alternates between them by printing one at a time. It's not actually faster at printing because its still using only one extruder at a time. With this process, we designed these experimental projects that utilize different materials and colors.

Dual Extrusion Projects

We've created these projects below as a way to test and calibrate our dual extruder. Check out these projects below for more details.

Dual Extrusion 3D Printers

These projects were tested on a Flashforge Creator Pro. This 3D printer features a MK8 spring-loaded dual extrusion direct drive system. It can print materials like Ninjaflex, ABS, PLA, Nylon and many more. Most dual extrusion 3D printers will need a printer profile to for a slicing application to process the models to dual print. In most cases, you'll need to assign a parts in two separate STL files to the two nozzles and configure settings depending the model features and materials.

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