The Makecode activates the claw when the Circuit Playground Express detects light. Use the embedded code to run in a browser below:



Makecode can also pair with your Circuit Playground Express through the Google Chrome web browser by visiting this guide page.


Visit the project here:


This means code edit will upload directly to the Circuit Playground Express without the need to drag and drop file onto it!


Follow the instruction to set up your board and you'll be able to quickly send code to Circuit Playground Express! 

Mapping LEDs to Controls  

We can easily map the "Head LEDs" to one of the customization buttons. These two buttons are located on the bottom of the controller.

First we'll connect our mobile device to the controller and then tap on the three dots on the upper right side of the screen.

We can edit the custom controls for the C1 and C2 button by tapping to the third icon shaped like a remote controller. Tap on one of the buttons and a drop down menu will show us all of the available options we can map. 

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