CPX Drone Claw


In this project we’ll show you how to build a DIY Drone Claw.


We designed and 3D Printed a claw attachment for the DJI Mavic Pro. This doesn’t obstruct the vision sensors so we can fly safely with obstacle avoidance.


This build can be used for educational projects like the classic egg drop or even delivering small objects.


You can also use this to pick up the trash, carry objects to research sites or even camping grounds. There’s a lot of tasks that you can do with a claw attachment.

Light Pipes

The on board light sensor on the Circuit Playground Express activates the claw with a light pipe connected to the LEDs on the drone!

3D Printed Light Leak Proof Case

The Circuit Playground Express mounts inside our 3d printed enclosure to block out all light, so you can use it on any project that uses the light sensor!

The Claw


The claw is actuated using a micro servo and remotely triggered using the remote controller.


We’re using the Light Sensor on the Adafruit Circuit Playground to detect when the LEDs are on.


Trigger with Light Pipes


A light pipe tunnels the LEDs on the Drone into the 3D printed enclosure.

So the servo opens and closes when the LEDs are remotely turned on and off.

Payload Weight 

The Mavic Pro has a maximum payload capacity of about 2 lbs or 990 grams.

This gives us enough lift for use in situations such as research, where you would need to move around small specimens or even something like beach clean up!


Listed below are all the components and hardware screws you'll need to build your own drone claw!

1 x 130mm 02.0/1.0 Heat Shrink
130mm 02.0/1.0 Heat Shrink
1 x ​1.75mm Taulman T-Glase Clear Filament (130mm long)
​1.75mm Taulman T-Glase Clear Filament
1 x M3x6mm + nuts
M3x6mm + nuts
2 x M2x5mm
4 x M3x16mm
1 x M3x10mm
1 x M3 x 3mm Female Thread Brass Knurled
M3 x 3mm Female Thread Brass Knurled
1 x M2.5x5mm
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