Sketching with Hardware

Drawdio: A pencil that lets you draw with music!

When I first saw the Drawdio at Maker Faire I knew it would be a great project for beginners: A lot of fun with instant gratification! Essentially, its a very simple musical synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create different sounds. The result is a fun toy that lets you draw musical instruments on any piece of paper.
  • Runs on a single AAA battery for many hours (even 'nearly dead' batteries will work).
  • Use any pencil - mechanical or plain. The kit comes with a 2B pencil, the softer the lead the better.
  • Ridiculously fun for all ages!


The best way to see how Drawdio works is to watch a video...

Here are some videos from JJ Silver himself! These videos are of an earlier revision so it looks a little different.


The Drawdio kit was designed in collaboration with Jay Silver & based on his original design!
Last updated on May 04, 2015 Published on Apr 21, 2013