Turn MacroPad sideways, with the display and USB port on the left. This game uses the screen in a tall “portrait” orientation — we wanted to show that’s possible.

From the title screen, tap any key to start.

During gameplay, there’s just four keys to worry about…or four columns, any key within a column will work.

Dragon stuff — eggs and fireballs — fall from the sky! These are arranged in four columns, corresponding to the four keys.

“Catch” an egg by tapping the corresponding key just before it hits the ground. But not too soon either.

Don’t catch the fireballs!

You’ll get a bit of additional visual feedback from the NeoPixels under MacroPad’s keys.

Earn 10 points (and a little “rawr!” dragon hatchling) for every good catch.

Your “energy” (shown as a bar across top of screen) is depleted slightly for broken eggs or burned hands. Game continues until energy runs out. The pace gradually increases.

A closing screen shows your final score, and you can cap a key to try again.

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