Adding Videos

Choose video files that have a lot of distinct color and motion.  Remember that the script is going to pull the resolution down tremendously, so bright colors and bold shapes (i.e. Disney cartoons like Finding Nemo) will work better than live-action movies or romantic comedies set in Seattle.

Open the OPCVideoSplitFiles script that you edited earlier, and set the path and filename for your video.  Click "run" and let your video play for as long as you like. 

If the video file ends it will automatically loop, so be ready to press the "stop" button as soon as you've recorded enough.

Check to be sure the new files exist in the folders you requested.  If they aren't there, make sure the file path is right -- the Processing script won't throw an error if it's not working, so be sure to check before going through a dozen videos.

Change the filename in the Processing script and record another video.

Then, copy all the files onto your respective SD cards.


Press Button 1 to go to the beginning of the current video in the playlist.  Double-click to go to the previous video in the playlist.

Button 2 is your brightness control.  There are 5 levels of brightness available in the code as it's written.  

Press button 3 to skip to the next video in the playlist.  This button will also wrap around back to the beginning if you're on your last video.


Left to their own devices, the gauntlets will run through the video playlist in alphabetical order and then loop back to the beginning, ad infinitum.

It's a good idea to use a video editing program to trim off any blank space at the beginning and end of your video files so there aren’t long gaps in the animation.

Strap your gauntlets on.  Go out and save the world.

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